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Pushing the frontiers of design and ergonomics...
Creating guitars that are sensual, organic, curvaceous...and just a little bit sexy...
Modern, ergonomic guitars that sing, howl, scream, and naturally conform to your body...
Welcome to KOZM Guitars!

Heresy 1 acoustic ergonomic guitar KOZM Heresy acoustic ergonomic guitar KOZM
The Heresy 1 and Heresy 2 acoustics


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LS-1 LS-2

Two LS-1s: Acoustic / Electric Hybrids

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BB3 Awe Naturale, ergonomic guitar, sexy  Arched Wave, AW-6, ergonomic guitar
BB3 and AW6


Arched Wave, AW4 PinkBurst  Mutated Tele, MT-4, ergonomic guitar, sexy guitar

AW4 (PinkBurst) and MT4 (Mutated Tele)

When it comes to the design of guitars, KOZM Guitars is all about pushing the envelope, breaking the mold, and leaving the past behind.

Yes, the flat guitars of yesterday may have been economic, and may have been the best design for the tools of the time.  At KOZM, we ask, "What if guitars no longer had to be designed "flat"?  And what if we could take advantage of the modern, computer aided manufacturing tools of the 21st century?"

Please take a look around, and hopefully you'll get a good answer. 

Feel free to contact me at jeff@kozmguitars.com if you have any questions or comments - Or if you TOO are interested in pushing the envelope, breaking the mold, and designing your OWN, totally unique custom guitar.

Jeff Kosmoski

KOZM Guitars